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Home - SMI Data

About SMI Data

Newly established in 2019, SMI Data is the latest addition to the SMI Group with a focus on delivering both online and offline data solutions for the market research industry. Covering the full range of consumer and business markets, SMI Data gives you access to targeted individuals and businesses in the UK and internationally whether for postal, email, telephone or panel methodologies. We are, therefore, very well equipped to deal with any kind of enquiry you send our way.

But SMI Data isn’t just about an extensive range of data options, it is also about a customer-focused approach backed up by a wealth of experience, totalling in excess of forty years in the data, sampling and market research industries. Using this blend of approach and knowledge, we provide a more consultative approach to identifying the best data solution for your needs, allowing you to maximise responsiveness from your campaigns and deliver comprehensive research.

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Products & Services

Whether you are looking to target pet owners in London, or C-suite executives in Brazil,
our range of products will help you find them. These include:

Access to millions of UK & International consumer records, profiled by age, gender, location, shopping habits, and more.

Domestic & International business data that can be targeted on SIC code, turnover, employee size, as well as a variety of job roles and functions.

UK and International RDD, available for landline or mobile numbers, verified or unverified depending on your need.

Worldwide panel access to a network of providers, for either consumer or online projects.

Support for online projects via our scripting & hosting services, tailored to the needs of your research.

Meet The Team

Like an intricately woven comic book cinematic universe, each member of our team has their own origin story and specialist set of skills.

Individually, each is more than capable of succeeding at any task you throw at them, but assemble them together and you get to see the full might of the SMI Data team.


Approaching a decade within sampling, Chris heads up our Client Services’ team. He’s the first port of call for our clients’ needs, assisting them from the beginning of the campaign until its’ conclusion, and beyond. Whatever your requirement, he’s happy to help.


Neil has now been in the data, sampling and market research industries for over 25 years and still relishes every challenge that comes his way including the desire to make SMI Data the leading sample provider in the UK.


With over 10 years of research and panel experience, Bhavesh is an expert in panel management focused on developing recruitment and communications strategies, increasing engagement, panel maintenance and covering all aspects of panel operations.

As a brand new company we don’t yet have any testimonials but we're sure this won’t take long to fill!

Contact Us

Whatever the enquiry, be it telephone data, panellist access or simply some methodology advice then please feel free to get in touch and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.